Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

4.5 months
 Eligible For
Completion Certificate
Course Price at    30000

Get a Globally Accepted Certification

Our course is thoughfully designed in such a way that learner gets the Real Time Investment banking & Equity Research exposure. Learner is not necessarily be from finance background, as our course ensures that Basic finance & account concepts are covered in detail with real time examples.

It is 80% practical with industry used case studies.

Our assessment & presentation evaluations are similar to top investment banks & equity research firms Our expert trainers are on hand to help answer any questions you might have along the way.


Course Features


In today's fast-paced business world, financial planning and analysis have become crucial for any organization's success. Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) is the process of analyzing an organization's financial performance and creating a forecast for the future. It helps businesses make informed decisions by providing insights into their financial performance. The financial analysis uses the output of financial planning to assess profitability, liquidity, solvency, and stability for organizations. It also helps companies make decisions about business strategies. In addition to creating an organization's extended financial plan, FP&A departments also generate management reports, analyse financial trends, calculate the monetary effects of potential business decisions and advise the management.

The FINXL FP&A course in Pune is designed to equip you with the necessary skills to analyze financial data, create accurate financial forecasts, and make informed business decisions. The course is led by industry experts with vast experience in the field of finance and accounting.

Through this course, you will learn how to create and interpret financial statements, perform financial analysis, create accurate financial forecasts, and understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive business success. The course also covers advanced topics such as financial modeling, budgeting, and scenario analysis.

Whether you are an aspiring financial analyst or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, this course will help you build a strong foundation in FP&A and prepare you for a successful career in finance.

Join us today to gain the skills and knowledge needed to take your financial analysis and planning skills to the next level.

Course Details

Course duration: Intensive 4.5 months


    •  The #1 Course to Land a Job in Financial Planning & Analysis.
    •  Certified Financial Planning & Analysis Course with 100% Placement assistance.
    •  3/6 months internship with an Analytics firm.
    •  Gain hands-on, practical experience during training, similar to a real job within the Financial Research Bank.
    •  80% of the Real-time industry used Case study-based learning.
    •  Our trainers: FP&A working professionals.
    •  A guide to over 100 frequently asked FP&A questions and their answers.
    •  Build 5 financial models from scratch of your chosen Listed/Private companies.
    •  Learn best Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting & Reporting practices used in industry.
    •  Prepare a company’s Budget from Scratch.
    •  Be part of our Global Financial Analyst alumni network.
    •  Dedicated Placement Manager with 1-on-1 mentorship.


       ✓  Perform Top-Down and Bottom-up Forecasting.

       ✓  Forecast a Company's Sales.

       ✓  Forecast a Company's Planned Level of Production.

       ✓  Calculate Net Cash Flow.

       ✓  Forecast Various Types of Expenditures.

       ✓  Estimate Working Capital Needs.

       ✓  Carry out a Fixed Asset Roll forward.

       ✓  Forecasting techniques (moving average, regression analysis, etc.)

       ✓  Essential Mechanics of the Forecasting Process.

       ✓  Forecasting Selling, General & Administrative expenses.

       ✓  Forecasting Balance Sheet Items.


       ✓  Budgeting within a strategic framework.

       ✓  Building a robust budgeting process.

       ✓  Managing budget psychology.

       ✓  A practical guide to developing budgets.

       ✓  Common budgeting approaches (e.g. Incremental, value-based, zero-based, etc.)

       ✓  Tracking budget performance with variance analysis (waterfall charts, etc.)

       ✓  Applied budgeting tools and techniques (Excel, solver, pivot tables, etc.)

    Budgeting Control  - Meaning and objectives of budget and budgetary control, essentials of effective budgeting, types of budget and budget vs actual.

    Capital Budgeting  - Concept and process of capital budgeting, feasibility analysis, managing risk, and certainty in capital budgeting, evaluation criteria under discounted and non-discounted cash flow approach. Evaluate various investment decisions using appropriate tools and techniques and apply them to day-to-day business decisions.


    •      Getting Started with Financial Planning.
    •      The Accounting Framework.
    •    ✓  Financial modeling.
    •      Corporate financial planning/strategic planning.

    Business Planning- Concept of 3-years and 5-years planning, the concept of operations and sales plan including market forecast, production plan, sourcing plan and how various operations are inter-linked and aligned with the long-term business plan.


    Investment Decision Making  - Purpose, objective and process of investment decisions and evaluation of different types of project. The new line of business, expansion of the current product, backward/forward integration and application of effective financial management.

    Analysis of the balance sheet, apply appropriate measures for executing and evaluating the financial results to support managerial decision-making and setting strategies.


    Corporate Financial Reporting - Attributes of good corporate financial reporting for performance analysis, understanding profit & loss items, reviewing the balance sheet, variance analysis, non-performing asset analysis, identifying the cause, and taking appropriate action.



       ✓  A special guide on Global Banking KPIs.

       ✓  Basel III Financial structure (P&L account, balance sheet).

       ✓  Restructuring items/adjustment items & their treatments.

       ✓  Additional information section.

       ✓  Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) – type of KPIs and their calculation & interpretation.

       ✓  Regulatory reporting.

       ✓  SEC reporting.

       ✓  FINMA reporting.

       ✓  MD&A (management discussion & analysis).

       ✓  Other external & internal reporting.


          •       Does basic knowledge of Finance / Accounting needed? Not required as we start from basics.

          •       Does basic knowledge of Excel needed? Not required as we start from basics.

          •       Does any Finance degree or Finance background required? Previous finance knowledge will help but not compulsory.

          Target Audience

          Any commerce Graduates & Post Graduates (BBA, BCOM, BBM, MCOM), Non-Commerce Graduate or Post Graduate (BSC, Engineers, B.E., B. Tech, M.E., After MBA OR During MBA, CFA or any degree in Finance, MBA/CFA/CA Aspirants, CPAs, ICWA, CS, Back office/operations working professionals, accounting working professionals, KPOs/BPOs professionals, Financial Analysts, Business Analysts, Startup founders, Bankers, Financial Controllers, CFOs, CEOs, Fund Managers, PE Fund Managers, Account Receivables (AR), Accounts Payables (AP), Record To Report (R2R), Reconciliation background professionals, housewives after a long gap of marriage or kids to make a career in the Finance field, Businessman / Entrepreneur.

          Any graduate who wants to make a career in

          Global Financial Firm

          IT/Software MNC

          Financial Modeling
          Credit Research
          Project Finance
          Corporate Finance
          Credit Ratings

          Research Companies

            BANKS IN pune

              ✓ HSBC

              ✓ Barclays

              ✓ Deutsche Bank

              ✓ Credit Suisse

              ✓ UBS

              ✓ TIAA



              ✓ BMC

              ✓ EY

              ✓ ZS associates

              ✓ CITCO

              ✓ Syngenta

              ✓ Capgemini

              ✓ Eton

              ✓ Accenture

              ✓ KPMG

              ✓ FIS Global Services (Sun Gard Fidelity)

              ✓ Vodafone

              ✓ Red head

              ✓ Honeywell

              ✓ SABA software

              ✓ Holidayme

              ✓ OYO Rooms

              ✓ Genpact

              ✓ Infosys

              ✓ Cognizant

              ✓ TCS

              ✓ Maersk line

              ✓ AXA BS

              ✓ Grant Thorton

              ✓ Bajaj FinServ

              ✓ ADP

              ✓ Qualys, SB Road, Pune

              ✓ IT companies with 100+ headcount will have FP&A team


            BANKS IN MUMBAI

              ✓ Citi Corp

              ✓ Nomura

              ✓ BNP Paribas

              ✓ White Owl Breweries

              ✓ HSBC

              ✓ Barclays

              ✓ Deutsche Bank

              ✓ Credit Suisse

              ✓ UBS

              ✓ TIAA

            Course Content

            • 39 sections
            • 211 lectures
            • 17h 24m total length

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