Startup Valuation

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Our course is thoughfully designed in such a way that learner gets the Real Time Investment banking & Equity Research exposure. Learner is not necessarily be from finance background, as our course ensures that Basic finance & account concepts are covered in detail with real time examples.

It is 80% practical with industry used case studies.

Our assessment & presentation evaluations are similar to top investment banks & equity research firms Our expert trainers are on hand to help answer any questions you might have along the way.


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Startup valuation involves assessing and assigning a monetary value to a newly established company. This complex task requires a thorough evaluation of essential factors, including market size, competitive landscape, revenue projections, intellectual property, team expertise, and growth potential. Various methodologies, such as discounted cash flows, market comparables, and risk-adjusted approaches, are utilized to estimate the startup's value. Accurate valuation enables investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding investment opportunities, strategic partnerships, and growth prospects. It serves as a crucial tool for gauging the financial health and attractiveness of a startup in the business landscape.

Course Details

Course duration: Intensive 4 MONTHS


 The #1 Course to Land a Job in Valuation

 Certified Investment Banking Course with 100% Placement assistance

 3/6 months internship with a Startup Valuation firm

 Gain hands-on, practical experience during training, similar to a real job within the Investment Bank

 80% of the Real-time industry used Case study-based learning

 Our trainers: Valuation Expert working professionals with 13+ years of experience

 A guide to over 100+ frequently asked Valuation questions and their answers

 Build 5 financial models from scratch of your chosen Listed/Private companies

 Be part of our Global Valuation Analyst alumni network

 IPOs, Bonds, M&A, Trading, LBOS, Pitch deck, Valuation: Everything is included!