Placement : Financial Analyst Cians Analytics, Gurgaon

Thanks Finxl for helping me get placed in Cians Analytics. I got call from E&Y and Cians analytics n got selected in both companies. I chose cians as my first employer. Finxl is one of the best financial institution for getting into investment banking. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who is seeking to kick start or accelerate their career in investment banking. The teaching pedagogy followed here is unique compared to others. We worked on various listed companies. The tutors are great, very supportive and helpful. The staff were also great, helpful and always welcoming. There was always a positive atmosphere with staff, teachers, students and everyone at the Centre. The course equipped me with the knowledge and skills essential to make a career in the field of Finance and that helped me greatly in my interview process. I would really like you to peruse this course in order to get an edge in finance.


Placement : Financial Analyst, Transparent value, Mumbai

Finxl is an institute which groomed my overall knowledge into practical. Its gave me chance to understand real time data which any company would want in a candidate. I am now placed with Transparent value. Whatever I learnt at Finxl helped me to get placed in Transparent value and now its most useful at job in my company. I would like to give credit to Akhilesh sir for personal attention at every level from day1 to final selection in the company. I had attempted Transparent value couple of years back just after completion of my MBA and dreamed to be part of TV. Its wonderful experience to convert dream into reality. I recommend the workshop for MBA, CFA candidates and FRM candidates. This will help you mold your book knowledge into real time data analysis.


Placement : Financial Analyst, KPMG, Mumbai

In every path you need the best company that can help you to face the path and make it as enjoyable as possible. After 4 months I can say that FINXL with its people is the best choice that I made. The atmosphere, the teacher and all the people that work there are very friendly and always can suggest you the best solution for your needs. I think the best word that describes FINXL is excellence, from the moment that I came to ask for information until my last day I could see it. In the end, got placed at KPMG Mumbai.


Placement : Moody's analytics, Banglore

FINXL is only institution which provides maximum placement than any other else in Pune. 'Certificate program in Financial Modeling & Equity research' equipped with 100 questions questionnaire and model building on Live companies which makes FINXL a leader. FINXL's vast alumni networks and continues interaction with industry professionals allow candidates to get into top equity research firms.


Placement : Sr. Analyst, Syngenta Baner

I worked with WNS, Avalara in operations. I was looking jobs in FP&A. That's why I joined Finxl. I got selected in Syngenta Baner. Thanks a lot FINXL and Akhilesh for all your help.


Placement : Financial Analyst, Dalal street investment journal, Pune

I liked the balance between theory and practice. The amount of theorical content regarding forecasting and budgeting and the practical examples were very useful and relevant. Akhil sir was intuitive to each person's level and needs.


Placement : Sr. Financial Analyst, Globus Thenken, Pune

Being a student of FinXL under the guidance and mentorship of Akilesh sir, I find myself very fortunate to avail the perfect opportunity that helped me in taking a big leap in my career growth. Right from clearing the basic concepts of Accounting towards the Analysis of financial statements, building/understanding of financial model and attainment of results through DCF and relative valuation. Every thing was smooth and perfectly taught. The exercises in Excel helped me in getting the grasp and the questionnaire at the end helped in cracking the interviews. Thanks FinXL and thank you Akhilesh Sir.


Placement : Equity Research- Intern, Crisil, Pune

It's all starts with patience and a friendly nature of a "guru" whoes non-stop effort, pushing from the very starting day to give out the best as much as you can, shaping the knowldge and breaking barriers of your mind to think out of box and this certification of Financial Modeling & Equity research made me so strong to stand with confidence with an professional life which made me realise that through this certification i can go anywhere in any life, its the best visa or we can call it a driving license of your career which made so much capable enough to compete with other professionals and also to excel in your own career. At last but not the least "if you have such a guru in your career life who can take you to get this precious visa or a license just go ahead and make youself the better version of your own" Thank you so much sir words cannot define what i am realy feeling at Crisil and This only due to you Sir.


Placement : Financial Analyst, Reval Analytics, Pune

Hi have enrolled for Financial Modeling in FinXl and I got placed in Reval Analytics as a client service analyst. I found this course a very valuable source of my skills and knowledge for professional development. It was a great high-quality learning exposure under the guidance of Akhilesh sir he is very approachable and always ready for their students. I have really benefited from this course and i feel it was one of my best decision. I would highly recommend it to everyone pursuing the career into finance.Thank you Akhliesh sir for helping me to start my career into corporate Finance.


Placement : Sr. Financial Analyst, Moody’s Analystics, Gurgaon

The major things you come across while understanding the research and valuation methods is not only the Financial Modelling but in depth research of any company, which I have learnt in FinXl. Akhilesh Sir is very supportive in all the aspects one needs to consider while applying before any financial modelling course. In consideration to the placement, you'll get all the support required starting from resume building to bag Offer in hand. You will get placement support till you get placed. Akhilesh sir's in depth knowledge will leave you with no doubts situation after the course completion, this is what I was looking in Financial modelling course.

Placement : Financial Analyst, Reval Analytics, Pune

Finxl is the best institute to pursue financial modeling,equity research and excel course in Pune as far as I have learnt after getting certification from here. I am in connection with Finxl from last one year. Akhilesh sir, founder and mentor at Finxl, has guided me throughout and even after my training period. Training sessions were so explainatory and thorough which made it easier for everyone to grasp. However, I have complete engineering background but got placed in two optimal finance enterprises. I would honestly recommend Finxl to every aspirant seeking to gain skills and job in finance sector.

Placement : Financial Analyst, Reval Analytics, Pune

Before joining, I was new in Finance field. Akhilesh sir help me to build command in Finance and Financial Modeling. I benefited from his teaching to get start career in Equity Research field.

Abhishek Tomar

Placement : Financial Analyst

I was working for ICICI bank in 100% sale oriented profile even after doing MBA in Finance and Financial modelling from Akhilesh Sir. I didn't have any platform to show my skills which are given by Akhilesh Sir with lots of efforts and dedication. I have done Financial modelling 6 months back still I went for college placement. Then I again contacted him, and as usual he stands for me again and helped me to get out from there, Now I got a placement in Aspera Advisors LLP as a manager which is investment banking firm under the guidance of true and dedicated Trainer Mr. Akhilesh Sharma from Finxl.
Thank you Sir!
Jitendra Chandwani

Placement : Analyst, CITCO

Thinking about professional class we think like class start on time and teacher come and taught what the that day plan, there is no concern about what student learn or not. But believe me after joining finxl you find all of your thought gone wrong. Here Akhilesh sir never gone forward unstill you learn that. He explain you 100 times. Finxl is the best institute and Akhilesh sir is the best tutor in Pune for Excel, Financial modeling and Equity research. If you think about any of this course please go to finxl and you will definitely goes satisfied.
Shaila Diwate

Placement : Financial Analyst

Finxl is great platform to learn financial model & equity research course. Akhilesh Sir assists not only in learning but also help in placement. This institute is also good as personal attention is given to every student.

Nakul Sadhu

Placement : Capgemini, Pune

FP&A Analyst


Placement : Lead Analyst, Moody’s Banglore

Akhilesh's teaching are very helpful since his course is a blend of on the spot financial knowledge mixed with considerable practical exposure from his career.

Placement : Financial Modeling Analyst, Shore Infotech India Private Limited

I joined Finxl to switch my profile from Operations to Equity Research and valuations. Thanks for the opportunities and helping to get job in Shore Infotech India Private Limited.


Placement : Financial Analyst, Dalal Street Investment Journal, Pune

The course was well-paced and interactive, and contained easy to follow and well thought-out options. Akhil sir was excellent - very helpful, approachable, patient and was able to explain all the practical and theoretical work in a way that was very easy to understand.

Placement : Financial Analyst

First thank you for help me to get into State Street, Pune. Getting in finxl for the Financial Modelling Course is the best decision that I have taken to give an impetus to my finance career. The course did not demand a long term commitment and formed formidable groundwork for the bigger projects that I have taken in my career. Moreover, the course helped me in getting proficient in Excel which has become a pivotal skill to outshine in the field of Finance." The Financial Modelling course helped me in honing different skill sets required to excel in the fields of Equity Research and Valuation. The course opens a wide array of opportunities in different fields and also made me aware of several techniques and applications of Financial Modelling.

Placement : Senior Financial Analyst, Dalal Street Investment Journal, Pune

FinXL offers great financial modelling courses along with a lot of smart Excel techniques. The online course is good and the face-to-face course is also fantastic! Highly recommended for all people who are interested in financial modelling, or would like to improve modelling/Excel skills.


Placement : Vodafone, Pune

Designation : Manager, FP&A