Power BI


The Analytics segment is a fast-changing domain in the IT industry and needs to be in pace with the current trends. At FINXL we ensure to Intune with changes in industry with the top Analytical tools in the market so that the niche availability of resources remain under your belt and the opportunities to explore the BI world remains open at any point of time.

The training program will teach you how to make compelling reports, real-time insights, extracting business information form built in dashboards etc. The major tools included in this course are Azure SQL Database and SQL Server Analysis. You need not have to know much about the SQL to join the program since the trainers will make you capable of the same.

  • Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • Understanding Table structure and schema modelling
  • Introduction to Basic SQL
  • Concepts of Analysis (Trend Analysis,What-if, As is, predictive)
  • Data Aggregations,groupings and drill downs
Target Audience

    The Power BI is used by each individual differently. It depends on the role of the person who is involved in the project. The report creating employee may be using Power BI Desktop and at the same time, the worker in the sales department may be using the Power BI phone app to monitor the progress. The developer can use it to push data to the data sets or can embed in the customized applications. Power BI Desktop can be used to make customer engagement statistics too.

    You may now understand that the use of Power BI varies according to the situation and the user. It fit best for:

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Administrators
  • Consumers

  • Hence everyone who is working in an IT firm should have knowledge in Power BI to make their own tasks easier. The Power BI Training in Pune helps to implement the most appropriate version according to the role of the candidate.

Course Details
Data Transformations:
  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop
  • Changing Locale
  • Connecting to a Database
  • Basic Transformations
  • Managing Query Groups
  • Splitting Columns, Changing Data Types, Working with Dates
  • Removing and Reordering Columns
  • Conditional Columns
  • Merge Queries
  • Query Dependency View
  • Transforming Less Structured Data
  • Query Parameters

Data Modelling:
  • Managing Data Relationships
  • Creating Calculated Columns
  • Optimizing Models for Reporting
  • Creating Calculated Measures
  • Creating and Managing Hierarchies
  • Using Calculated Tables
  • Time Intelligence
  • Include and Exclude features
  • Grouping and Binning

Visualizing your Data:
  • Introduction to charts: Pie, Tree map, Combo charts, Map Visualizations, Scatter plot, Table, Matrix, Gauge, Card, Shapes, Textboxes, Images and KPI
  • Filter (Including TopN), Date Slicer
  • Coloring Charts
  • Page Layout, Positioning, Aligning, Sorting Visuals and Formatting
  • Visual Relationship
  • Custom Hierarchies

Working with PBI Service:
  • Overview of Dashboards and Service
  • Uploading to Power BI Service
  • Configuring a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Settings
  • In-Focus Mode
  • Pinning a Live Page
  • Custom URL and Title
  • Export to CSV and Excel
  • Power BI Notifications
  • Publishing to Web

Working with Excel:
  • Importing Excel Data using Simple Table
  • Connecting to Excel Workbook on OneDrive for Business
  • Pinning Excel Tables or Visuals

Organization Packs, Security and Groups:
  • Creating a Group
  • Creating, Using and Editing a Content Pack
  • Row Level Security
  • Data Classification
  • Creating and Using Custom Visuals
Training Cost
  • Training Cost – INR 20,000 + Taxes per day